Saturday, February 6, 2010

November letter

This week has been pretty slow. There really isn't anythingnew that has happened lately. Everyone here loves the banana bread that I make though. The branch president always asks me to bring it to branch activities. Not much has been happening lately. We have a baptism next week, but we are having difficulty getting our other investigators to progress. We have a study room in the attic of our townhouse, and every morning I bring up some crackers for these beautiful parrots that fly up and visit me haha.Everyone would be quite amazed with the scenery down here as compared to Las Vegas. The beaches are amazing! Anyways, that is too long to wait to get packages! Oh well.. At least I don't have the pig flu haha. Just about everyone in the area I am serving in is Aussie, unfortunately. I really like Polys; I wish there were more of them here. That is about it for this week, I am about to play laser tag with the missionaries in our district. Talk to you next week!

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