Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sydney South Elders

My guess is downtown Sydney!

Blake letter August 11, 2009

The work has been slow lately. Our appointments have fallen through, and my efforts in finding have been fruitless. I am keeping the faith though. We also just received a car, and I honestly would rather walk. The traffic and roads here are insane. On Monday we had to drive over a one lane bridge on a two-way street, and drivers do not care about pedestrians here. We are always fed though. I decided that would eat whatever, and just lose it when I come home. Last week my companion and I were taken to a buffet by an older couple from the Cook Islands. They know Buddah's dad. His name is Iangi Teaukura and I forgot her name. Another Sister in our ward, named Teena Dover is related to Bro. Williams in Beverly Glen. Can you send me some recipes, such as Grandma's cookies? I can make stuff for investigators. I had new missionary training on Monday as well, that was fun. Anyways, I hope the work will improve in the coming days.
I love and miss all of you,
Elder Blake Gammon