Saturday, February 6, 2010

January News

The church is upgrading our email. They have been working with google for a better email service. I have a new email address, Send the package to the mission office. You can hold off on the hair gel. The Bishop Monga doesn't have a close relation to Joe, but his father is from the Cook Islands so there has to be some relation. This area is great. The ward does heaps of missionary work. The area is a west of Sydney, and is less stressed out than the city.It's great. You can tell the ward that I have worked in diverse areas, and have had a lot of Polynesian companions. The work is difficult, but rewarding. I am also gaining too much weight. I also know that as our family makes the sacrifice for me to be doing this work, that the Lord will make everything turn out for the better.Love,Elder Blake Gammon

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