Tuesday, November 3, 2009

     Dear Fam..I am pressed for time today, but
we have been having a lot of success so far.
I am very grateful that we have been able to find,
and teachquite a bit. I'll send some some more
pictures next week, but for now you should just google
Ulladulla and Mollymook.Everyone here is a lot more
friendly than in my previous area that was crowded and
stressful. They actually do celebrate Halloween here, but
it is not a very big celebration.Driving on the other
side of the road wasn't very hard to get used to, but
it is very different.
Thanks for the pictures! They are great.I hope everything
is going great over there. I wish I could talk some more,
but I have an hour drive up to another city for zone pday
and zone conference.

Elder Gammon