Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Letter for the week of Sept. 2, 2009

There is so much to say, but very little time to share it all. John, our investigator with a baptismal date, hasn't quit drinking but I believe that he will be able to quit drinking after he moves out of his nursing home. My companion and I are starting to move away from personal finding, and more towards working with members to find investigators. We have people dodging lessons left and right as well. We have an eight year-old girl that we are teaching that would only go to sacrament if we made her a cheesecake. So I did, I made her a double chocolate cheesecake, but then her parents didn't let her go. :( It was actually really good for being the first time that I have made a cheesecake. There is also a old guy in the ward that calls every morning at 7:00 and makes animal noises for us to guess what they are. He is somewhat mentally disabled of course, but he is a funny guy. We also have an old indian lady in the ward that delights in having missionaries over to her house to have them slave away in her backyard under the scorching sun. Even the members and the Bishop have acknowledged that she is too demanding of the missionaries. She has us perform redundant an unproductive chores in her backyard, but I do it cheerfully.......nah Anyways, it's great to here from you. I knew the batmobile would start declining..I just held it out until I left. I am sad that I won't be able to see little Stuey for two years. I hope Taylor is doing well in high school too. That's funny how grandpa has a laptop, and is in to facebook as well. You need to keep me updated on current events. I just found out that Ted Kennedy passed away from a less active lady. I am about to go make grandma's cookies now! If it didn't cost $3.00 to write a letter, I would write more. I am thinking about buying a really nice pen that I found though. I need more P-day clothes. The restrictions on what you can send me aren't that strict. Just make sure that it isn't prepared food or such. You can look it up online.Until next week!

Elder Blake Gammon