Tuesday, November 3, 2009

     Dear Fam..I am pressed for time today, but
we have been having a lot of success so far.
I am very grateful that we have been able to find,
and teachquite a bit. I'll send some some more
pictures next week, but for now you should just google
Ulladulla and Mollymook.Everyone here is a lot more
friendly than in my previous area that was crowded and
stressful. They actually do celebrate Halloween here, but
it is not a very big celebration.Driving on the other
side of the road wasn't very hard to get used to, but
it is very different.
Thanks for the pictures! They are great.I hope everything
is going great over there. I wish I could talk some more,
but I have an hour drive up to another city for zone pday
and zone conference.

Elder Gammon

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blake letter October 27, 2009

My area is probably the most beautiful area in the mission. We live in a 3 story townhouse that overlooks Ulladulla harbor. We have not yet met the whole branch yet because this past Sunday was "District Camp." The three branches on the south coast got together at a beach resort and had a bunch of activities. It was really fun. Everyone in my district loves Bang! I am hoping you can get the expansion for it and send it to me (ask Shane about it). The work here is a lot different from my old area. Everyone here is a lot more laid back and nice. We have a lot of driving. My companion is still working on his English; I am helping him with his grammar and pronunciation.
Lucky you mom! You have a whole new set of responsibilities and work ahead of you, rely on the Spirit! It's great that everyone is getting mission calls too. I did get the package with my jacket in it, and I am looking forward to the next one. You could send the next one straight to my address which is: 2/10 Dolphin st., Ulladulla 2539. Well thats all for this week! Talk to you next time.

Elder Blake Gammon

Blake's new companion

Blake letter October 19, 2009

I got transferred! My new area is called Ulladulla. It is on the south coast of Australia. My new companion is an enormous Tahitian. His name is Elder Tematafaarere. During transfer meeting, everyone laughed when we were assigned together. President Simmons brought us both up to the pulpit to make an example of the revelation he received. I am the senior companion because he needs me to help improve his English. We have a large area, and I am driving. Ulladulla is beautiful. We live in a three story townhouse that overlooks Ulladulla Bay. It is also warming up here as summer approaches; the weather is really nice. This is going to be a very interesting transfer. Our address is 2/10 Dolphin St, Ulladulla Australia
We also had a big cultural night on Saturday, and we had food from all different cultures, and Polynesian performances. The Cook Islander performance was generally accepted as the best one. It felt like I was back at Heather and Buddah's wedding.
I have been eagerly waiting to see the baby. That's all for this crazy week!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sydney dust storm 9,29,09

Letter for Sept. 29, 2009

This Sunday we spoke in Sacrament about our wonderful families. We are really trying to mobilize the ward behind the missionary effort. That has been quite successful so far; we are getting a lot of referrals. John should be getting baptized on Saturday if everything goes as planned. Unfortunately, we won't be able to watch conference until next weekend because the live satellite broadcast would air during the middle of the night here. I haven't gotten sick yet, but my companion seems to be getting sick all of the time. Wow, I was just going to ask for that banana bread recipe because we have a bunch of ripe bananas. Thank you! Every loves the cookies too. Cookies aren't very common in Australia, so they love the American food. The dust storm was crazy. They are very rare in Sydney, and it was very odd to wake up and see red everywhere. Unfortunatley, I haven't seen any crazy animals yet because I am in the city basically, but I will eventually. Thank you for the email! I can't wait to hear more!

Elder Blake Gammon

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Letter for the week of Sept. 2, 2009

There is so much to say, but very little time to share it all. John, our investigator with a baptismal date, hasn't quit drinking but I believe that he will be able to quit drinking after he moves out of his nursing home. My companion and I are starting to move away from personal finding, and more towards working with members to find investigators. We have people dodging lessons left and right as well. We have an eight year-old girl that we are teaching that would only go to sacrament if we made her a cheesecake. So I did, I made her a double chocolate cheesecake, but then her parents didn't let her go. :( It was actually really good for being the first time that I have made a cheesecake. There is also a old guy in the ward that calls every morning at 7:00 and makes animal noises for us to guess what they are. He is somewhat mentally disabled of course, but he is a funny guy. We also have an old indian lady in the ward that delights in having missionaries over to her house to have them slave away in her backyard under the scorching sun. Even the members and the Bishop have acknowledged that she is too demanding of the missionaries. She has us perform redundant an unproductive chores in her backyard, but I do it cheerfully.......nah Anyways, it's great to here from you. I knew the batmobile would start declining..I just held it out until I left. I am sad that I won't be able to see little Stuey for two years. I hope Taylor is doing well in high school too. That's funny how grandpa has a laptop, and is in to facebook as well. You need to keep me updated on current events. I just found out that Ted Kennedy passed away from a less active lady. I am about to go make grandma's cookies now! If it didn't cost $3.00 to write a letter, I would write more. I am thinking about buying a really nice pen that I found though. I need more P-day clothes. The restrictions on what you can send me aren't that strict. Just make sure that it isn't prepared food or such. You can look it up online.Until next week!

Elder Blake Gammon

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sydney South Elders

My guess is downtown Sydney!

Blake letter August 11, 2009

The work has been slow lately. Our appointments have fallen through, and my efforts in finding have been fruitless. I am keeping the faith though. We also just received a car, and I honestly would rather walk. The traffic and roads here are insane. On Monday we had to drive over a one lane bridge on a two-way street, and drivers do not care about pedestrians here. We are always fed though. I decided that would eat whatever, and just lose it when I come home. Last week my companion and I were taken to a buffet by an older couple from the Cook Islands. They know Buddah's dad. His name is Iangi Teaukura and I forgot her name. Another Sister in our ward, named Teena Dover is related to Bro. Williams in Beverly Glen. Can you send me some recipes, such as Grandma's cookies? I can make stuff for investigators. I had new missionary training on Monday as well, that was fun. Anyways, I hope the work will improve in the coming days.
I love and miss all of you,
Elder Blake Gammon

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blake MTC morning at the beautiful Smith Abode

Australia update

Blake wrote this when he got to Australia. It happened to be his P-day.

The flight wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I slept most of the way. It's really beautiful here, and I'm serving in an area called Summer hill. The Summer Hill area is a bunch of suburbs mingled with city blocks. The flat(apartment) is at 8/101 Milton St., Ashfield. my trainer is Elder Daines from Colorado Springs. President and Sister Simmons are awesome. It's been great so far.